Citizenship day 2017

All students worked off timetable for our annual Citizenship day with key themes of staying safe, tolerance, life skills and preparing for the future.

Sixth form students all visited Worcester University to explore degree courses and University life.

Twenty-two visitors from all walks of life and various career paths led sessions on key issues facing our students in the 21st century. Topics chosen were led by feedback from our students in their Values and Ethics lessons and included safe social media use; appropriate relationships; personal safety; CPR techniques; teenage cancer; the dangers of sugar; knife crime and community volunteering. A number of students also took part in clearing up the school garden, despite the wet conditions.

Year 9 students focused on tolerance in a climate of political change. Students were given an opportunity to listen to speakers and ask questions on sensitive topics such as radicalisation, LGBT issues, and a migrant’s experience of moving to this country.

Mr Hunt and his team also braved the weather to take more year 9 students to Upton Warren for their Duke of Ediburgh’s award practice.

Year 11 students took part in sessions designed to prepare them for the GCSEs with a more holistic approach than usual, with workshops in yoga, keep fit, preparing for their Valedictory Ball and learning about how to keep their brains healthy and working well.

‘I am delighted with the energy and enthusiasm of all students, staff and visitors today on Citizenship day. Our students showed great maturity in dealing with sensitive topics that face all young people in the 21st century.’

David Farmer
Assistant Headteacher