Dr Daniel Farrelly from the School of Psychology

Dr Daniel Farrelly from the School of Psychology at Worcester University spoke to students from year 10 to 13 on Tuesday 7th March at Christopher Whitehead Language College & Sixth Form, as part of the Impetus Programme of inspirational talks. He kindly tailored his talk to meet the requirements of the A Level psychology syllabus. He delivered two lectures, one on ‘Human behaviour’ and another on ‘The psychology of cognitive revision’. He also very generously agreed we could share his thoughts and research with the rest of the school to aid in revision techniques. Interestingly, he asked students to think
“Are you more scared of spiders or cars?”
“Which photo is more delicious: chocolate or broccoli”

He then explained how our response is dictated by evolution and not good sense!
A year 13 Psychology student, Will Goodwin, said ‘The talk was both interesting and helpful because it covered two of the key aspects of the specification as well as giving us a psychological insight into the best ways to revise. Not only was the information all detailed and relevant, the speaker was also very enthusiastic which made the information a lot more engaging! This has aided my revision by covering the main points as well as giving me a structure to which would be best for my own revision.’