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Excellence In Science

Peter Lewin-Jones, an ex-student of Christopher Whitehead Language College and recipient of the ‘excellence in science’ award as he departed in Year 11, visited CWLC Sixth Form on April 4th 2017 to speak to students in Year 12. Peter is now studying Maths in Mansfield College, Oxford. He spoke about the entrance procedure to Oxford and how he is thoroughly immersed in a subject that he loves. He told us about his interviews to become a student there, college life, and the benefits of spending his Summer holidays learning all he could about his chosen field. Students were excited to receive advice about applying to Oxford and felt inspired by Peter’s energy and passion for his field of work. We wish Peter and his Mansfield College peers the very best of luck in the Doctor Who society (‘Who Soc’) quiz against a prestigious Cambridge team. We would love to welcome him back at any time for another visit! We are very proud of Peter and wish him a wonderful future.

Dr Daniel Farrelly from the School of Psychology

Dr Daniel Farrelly from the School of Psychology at Worcester University spoke to students from year 10 to 13 on Tuesday 7th March at Christopher Whitehead Language College & Sixth Form, as part of the Impetus Programme of inspirational talks. He kindly tailored his talk to meet the requirements of the A Level psychology syllabus. He delivered two lectures, one on ‘Human behaviour’ and another on ‘The psychology of cognitive revision’. He also very generously agreed we could share his thoughts and research with the rest of the school to aid in revision techniques. Interestingly, he asked students to think
“Are you more scared of spiders or cars?”
“Which photo is more delicious: chocolate or broccoli”

He then explained how our response is dictated by evolution and not good sense! A year 13 Psychology student, Will Goodwin, said ‘The talk was both interesting and helpful because it covered two of the key aspects of the specification as well as giving us a psychological insight into the best ways to revise. Not only was the information all detailed and relevant, the speaker was also very enthusiastic which made the information a lot more engaging! This has aided my revision by covering the main points as well as giving me a structure to which would be best for my own revision.

Professor Lord Robert Winston inspires Worcester students

(Full Credit for image above) Source: Worcester News

THE scientific illiteracy of US President Donald Trump and politicians generally came under fire during a talk by Professor Lord Robert Winston to pupils at a Worcester school.

The scientist, TV presenter and Labour peer spoke to students at Christopher Whitehead Language College in St John’s on Wednesday.

He touched on current research into nuclear physics, saying he had asked a US scientist how he: “managed to get one of the least scientifically literate presidents to give him the money (for research)?”

He said the answer was that it fell under the country’s nuclear weapons programme.

He warmed to this theme later complaining the public did not expect politicians to be scientifically-minded.

He said: “How many politicians in the present do you think would make a scientific contribution.

“I don’t think any of them will.

“We don’t elect people to do science, we elect them to run the country.”

He added: “I’m not suggesting that science is more important than Shakespeare because it isn’t but we will be accused of being illiterate if we have never heard of Hamlet but we won’t be accused of being illiterate if we haven’t heard of the special theory of relativity.”

Professor Winston told the students it was their duty to be scientifically literate.

He added: “You guys are the future of our society and the decisions you take in ten years time are vital to the welfare of society.”

He also took a shot at the Government’s grammar school proposal, telling pupils it was “a stupid idea.”

He said: “I have nothing against grammar schools but it denies the ability we all have providing we have the right environment.”

He told pupils their nature may be dictated by genetics but “nurture” – their home and school environment -was more important for reaching their potential.

Pupils from Christopher Whitehead’s were joined by students from other city schools, RGS Worcester, Nunnery Wood High School and Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College.

Others who attended were from Hanley Castle High School, The Chantry School, in Martley, and The Chase in Malvern.

The talk was part of the College’s Impetus programme, which brings high quality speakers into the school.

Professor Winston agreed to visit after enterprising science teacher Bethan Morgan noticed he was appearing at Huntingdon Hall and contacted his office.

He agreed to speak in return for a donation towards the Genesis Research Trust, a charity that promotes better health for women and babies.

Speaking before the event, Professor Winston disputed that it was difficult to get students interested in science.

He said: “What we have to do is to try and ensure as much science as possible has a practical angle to it because that’s what most children get turned on by.”

(Full Credit for story above) Source: Worcester News

Citizenship day 2017

All students worked off timetable for our annual Citizenship day with key themes of staying safe, tolerance, life skills and preparing for the future.

Sixth form students all visited Worcester University to explore degree courses and University life.

Twenty-two visitors from all walks of life and various career paths led sessions on key issues facing our students in the 21st century. Topics chosen were led by feedback from our students in their Values and Ethics lessons and included safe social media use; appropriate relationships; personal safety; CPR techniques; teenage cancer; the dangers of sugar; knife crime and community volunteering. A number of students also took part in clearing up the school garden, despite the wet conditions.

Year 9 students focused on tolerance in a climate of political change. Students were given an opportunity to listen to speakers and ask questions on sensitive topics such as radicalisation, LGBT issues, and a migrant’s experience of moving to this country.

Mr Hunt and his team also braved the weather to take more year 9 students to Upton Warren for their Duke of Ediburgh’s award practice.

Year 11 students took part in sessions designed to prepare them for the GCSEs with a more holistic approach than usual, with workshops in yoga, keep fit, preparing for their Valedictory Ball and learning about how to keep their brains healthy and working well.

‘I am delighted with the energy and enthusiasm of all students, staff and visitors today on Citizenship day. Our students showed great maturity in dealing with sensitive topics that face all young people in the 21st century.’

David Farmer
Assistant Headteacher

Magic and Quantum Physics Combine For Impetus Workshop

A SPEAKER who combined comedy, magic tricks and quantum physics has inspired pupils at a Worcester school. Nic Harrington, who is a comedian, magician computing expert and quantum physicist, visited Christopher Whitehead Language College to talk about quantum computers. Dr Harrington showed the students a magic trick in which a model atom of a giant Lego brick changed colour to demonstrate how quantum physics works. He also talked about the possibility of quantum computing and how powerful technology could become with students in the school’s sixth form. Dr Harrington visited the St John’s school as part of its programme of Impetus inspirational speakers.

Written by James (CWLC Sixth Year 12)

This article appears in the Worcester News.

Touch Rugby Trouncing For Cwlc Staff

Wednesday 8th February’s Enrichment session for sixth formers saw a thrashing for staff as they played games against students and the YMCA team at touch rugby.

The final scores were:

YMCA vs 6th Form   – 4 -2 win for YMCA
Staff vs 6th Form – 5 -2 win for 6th Form
Staff vs YMCA  –  2 – 4 win for YMCA
Congratulations to the YMCA team for two wins overall.
Several injuries were sustained during the matches, but mostly just to staff egos.
Better luck next time!

Students Turn Sleuths In Forensic Science Workshop

STUDENTS enjoyed the chance to learn about forensic science as part of a visit to the University of Worcester.

Year 12 biologists from Christopher Whitehead Language College spent the day with Kate Unwin, senior lecturer in Forensics and Applied Biology.

They had the opportunity to look at replica clothing from ‘scene of crime’, analyse blood splatter, learn about ‘presumptive tests’, saliva ‘spit-kits’ and view different samples through a high powered microscope.

As well as the lab skills and an introduction into the idea of Forensics at degree level, they were also reminded that Forensic science primarily relies heavily on common sense.

The students heard the tale of how one criminal was caught because the ‘high-vis’ tabard he was wearing, that was left at the crime scene, had his name in it.

(This article first appeared in the Worcester News on 2nd February. Written by Alicia Kelly)

Sixth Formers Support Charity That Helps Rare Cancer Sufferers

STUDENTS from Christopher Whitehead Sixth Form Charity Committee have raised money to help people with a rare form of cancer.

The sixth formers from the St John’s school were inspired by personal experiences and stories to raise the £358.00.

The money will go to the NET Patient Foundation, which aims to help people to recognise, diagnose, treat, care for, and treat patents with neuroendocrine cancer.

The money was presented to Gill Bowkett, from NET Patient Foundation.

More information is available at

(This article first appeared in the Worcester News 2nd February 2017)

New Courses

We are pleased to announce our intention to offer AS-level Mandarin and AS-level Further
Mathematics over two years.

Sixth Form Open Evening

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to our next sixth form open evening on 30 March 2017. Further information, including a list of courses offered, can be found on our sixth form website. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your son/ daughter’s application further, please feel free to contact us on 01905 423 906, extension 299, or by emailing

Student Learn About Nuclear Power With EDF

On Tuesday 10th January Sukhy Hogwood, Safety Manager and STEM ambassador for EDF energy, visited Christopher Whitehead Sixth Form as part of their Impetus Programme of visiting professionals and academics.  Sukhy spoke to students from Christopher Whitehead Sixth Form and year 11 students from Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College.

She spoke of the advantages of nuclear power over other renewable energy sources and also the need for new power plants such as Hinkley Point C.  Students were amazed by the sheer amount of building materials needed for the project and the numbers of workers that are on the site every day.

Students learned how EDF have poured money into the surrounding area, building roads and improving schools, making sure that there is the infrastructure for when the power plant is up and running allowing workers to live locally. Security is another area that has been thought of in great detail; students were told of the research into what would happen if an aeroplane were to crash into the reactor building – in terms of the reactor, thankfully very little!

Written by Toby, Year 12 student CWLC

Christopher Whitehead Students Take Ukelele Fun To Fort Royal Pupils

The ukulele band and choir from Christopher Whitehead Language College entertained the children at Fort Royal School with a morning of song and dance.

Head of music Adam Davies said: “We all loved it and really pleased all the children did too.

“We played traditional Christmas music and then upped the tempo with some party songs.”

Margaret Jones, grant administrator at Fort Royal, said: “We all enjoyed the opportunity of working together.

“Christopher Whitehead Language College has a well deserved reputation of working in the wider community and I hope we can plan more things for the future.

“This was a great way for them to experience music at its best.”

Story by Alicia Kelly, Worcester News. Link here:

CWLC Students Support Domestic Abuse White Ribbon Campaign 2016

Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form have added their support to the White Ribbon Campaign tackling domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Students have been signing the following pledge:

” I pledge never to commit, condone,or remain silent about domestic abuse and sexual violence in all its forms.”

Students have also been wearing the white ribbons with pride.

Safer Schools PCSO Iain Sweatman has been promoting the campaign with help from students at break, lunchtimes and assemblies to raise awareness of the campaign.

PCSO Sweatman said “A number of children across the county will witness or be subjected to domestic abuse and sexual violence which has a devastating effect on them and their families. One in four women – and one in six men – will experience it during their lifetime. I hope by raising awareness in young people that they will be able to identify domestic abuse and sexual violence and speak out about it. By wearing a white ribbon – and making a pledge to the White Ribbon campaign – we are showing that we don’t keep quiet, accept or condone violence or abuse.”

Headteacher Neil Morris added: “Statistics show that last year in Worcester there was a 59% increase in sexual assaults and a 75% increase in rape reports. Although it is encouraging that more victims are evidently coming forward and that police are taking these incidents very seriously, these are shocking statistics. This year, in our guidance (form) times and in our Values and Ethics classes students have been asked to consider how sexist ‘banter’ is often at the root of sexist attitudes and we will take steps to avoid its use at our school. Students also have age appropriate guidance on consent, on healthy relationships and specialist external sessions from the West Mercia Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre. We are saddened that this support is needed but we hope that with greater awareness and active support from our support services, including PCSO Sweatman, we can help students to speak up and avoid violence and abuse in the relationships they have now and in the future.”

Year 7 Students Join Forces For Anti Bullying Week

Year 7 Values & Ethics students at CWLC spent lessons discussing and creating campaign materials for national Anti-Bullying Week recently. Pictured here are posters created by Miss Palmer’s class and tweets composed by Ms Stevens’s group.

Sixth Form Students Help Design Santas New Sleigh At Coventry University Christmas Lecture

Year 12 and 13 students from Christopher Whitehead Sixth Form attended the Christmas Lecture at Coventry University. Professor Michael Fitzpatrick (Executive Dean of Engineering) delivered an interactive lecture discussing what material Santa should use for his sleigh! We learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of common and new technology materials; and watched demonstrations of materials being tested under various stresses. During the lecture a 3D printer was busy creating the future possibility for Santa, and we came away with a 3D printed Santa’s sleigh!

CWLC Bake Off

Monday 18th November saw the second annual Great CWLC Bake-Off, organised and overseen by House Competitions Co-ordinator, Miss Ash.

This year, students surpassed themselves with over 100 entries, and this year, special efforts had been made to make the competition nut-free, with all entrants providing ingredients cards to help lessen the risk of allergic reactions.

We were honoured to have the Mayor of Worcester, Cllr Paul Denham and his wife, the lady Mayoress Cllr Lynn Denham, to school to judge the competition. After judging, the cakes were sold off to staff and students, with an impressive £170 profit going towards Macmillan Cancer Support.

Each House chose a winner to go forward to the grand final and, after much deliberation, the winners were announced as follows:

1st Shakespeare : Owen 

2nd Brunel : Lucia 

3rd Da Vinci : Riley 

4th Curie : Grace 

5th Seacole : Alessia

6th Pankhurst : Chloe 

Winner of the Wooden Spoon for best staff cake was Mrs Barham!

Congratulations not only to all finalists but to all entrants who made the Bake-Off such a special event, and of course to Miss Ash. We’re looking forward to next year already…

CWLC Remembers The Fallen On 11th November

Students, staff and workmen from ABM took part in today’s Remembrance ceremony in the main school playground. The ceremony was read by James Croxford and Ellie Bullock, Head boy and Head  girl from the Sixth Form. Russell French from the British Legion was present to lower the flag.

The Art department created a poppy memorial with the names of relatives of staff and students from the local area who have lost their life in conflict.

Thank you to all students and staff who supported the British Legion in their annual appeal.

Mr Farmer

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