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Year 7 students start their careers journey with self-descriptions: matching descriptions to others and assessing whether students’ perceptions of themselves match other peoples’ perceptions of them, and whether either are true to reality.

Things I can do is a scheme linking with employability skills and qualities.


Year 7 in the Careers Library and Computer Room 2015

Year 7 ‘Skills for Tomorrow’, 5th June 2015 – Worcester University

A brilliant event where, during different workshops throughout the day, students from all over the county  were encouraged to work together to explore the challenges and career opportunities associated with issues such as responsible energy usage, ethical food production, sustainable construction processes and environmental stewardships.  Mr Mark Martin from One Creative introduced the day with a brilliant talk and video on Worcester City  ‘Green Sky Walk’ project designed by his company.  We cheekily took the opportunity of a photo shoot with Mr Martin and Robin Walker MP !

DSC_1281 IMG_20150605_153955 IMG_20150605_153818 DSC_1287 DSC_1286 DSC_1284