For our school, the joy of being a language college is about being part of a global international
community. The aim is to always try to ensure all our students show respect, understanding and
tolerance of other countries and other cultures. This is helped by the wide ranging international
experiences and opportunities afforded to our students with:

Annual school residential visits to Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Tanzania, Battlefields of
Belgium, with over 400 students participating and enjoying residential visits during the last

2015 GCSE options that allow the study of Chinese as well as the more traditional MFL

An expectation that all students in their learning mentor groups will have a greater
understanding of the world weekly news with global games, quizzes and great debates on the
ever changing current world issues and their impact on our world.

International Spanish pen pals / exchange visits.

Thematic cultural curriculum experiences that have included:

Maths – world maths days, ‘Sum Dogs’ competition with other countries.
English – other cultures’ short stories and poetry and ‘Anita and Me’ about English life in the 1970s.
RE – places of worship.
Music – from around the world, Blues to African drumming.
History – World Wars I and II, Terrorism 1990 to the present day.
Dance – Bollywood.
Textiles – Ghanian ‘Adinkra’ project.
Debate team – world issues.

The House system supporting the payment for a displaced, vulnerable child in their education
via the charity ‘Plan UK’.

The global perspective year 10 group undertaking detailed international studies, for example,
research into the Syrian crisis; girls’ education around the world and how religion can impact
on educational expectations.

In 2015, students from German, Chinese, Indian, American and Portuguese schools visited and
spent time shadowing our students and participating in our school life.

The impact we would suggest is that we are a tolerant, ‘happy’, inclusive school where parents in
the anonymous annual questionnaire stated that all areas of education were good or outstanding

– the teaching of French
– developing of potential
– developing of moral values
– school discipline
– control of bullying

…all commended and deemed to be outstanding – Kirkland Rowell Parent Survey 2015 (209 parental returns). Part of being a language college is producing well rounded, fair minded citizens whose personal development is outstanding. Students who are challenged and following a relevant 21st century curriculum with 97% of parents stating they would recommend this school to another parent.

This is due, we believe, to our international ethos and ability to look beyond Worcester in terms of experience and expectation – an invaluable international ethos, experience for our Worcester students and one that has rightly seen us awarded International School status.