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Learning Resource Centre

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Opening Times

08:00 – 17:00 daily.

We provide a supervised, welcoming environment for students throughout the day.

Latest News and Updates

Year 7 David Almond Trip to the Beeline Festival on Monday 9th October

We took a group of 60 year 7s to see David Almond who has written many novels for children and young people since 1998, each one receiving critical acclaim.  He was very engaging and we had some amazing feedback from our students.

‘I enjoyed how he told us about his drawings in his notepad.’

‘I thought it was inspirational to pursue your dreams.’

‘I was interested in how he became a writer and how simple things helped his achieve his goal.’

‘I enjoyed listening to David Almond talking about his childhood and his passion for reading’

‘I enjoyed how the author described the imagination, for example, how something as simple as a chair was imagined before it was made.’

‘I enjoyed it when David Almond read out his books, they were interesting to listen to.  Generally it was an inspirational experience.’

‘I enjoyed hearing about the bit of grass he played football on and his granddad who never spoke.’

National Poetry Day 2017

We had a great session in the LRC on Thursday 28th September to celebrate National Poetry Day.  Staff and students were invited to eat their lunch in the LRC and to bring a poem to read aloud to the group.  Some even shared poems they had penned themselves!  There was a lovely mix of funny poems and serious ones.  The session was so successful that we are hoping to make this a termly event.  Please watch this space for more news to follow.

The LRC houses over 13,000 books suitable for a wide range of reading abilities. We have a large collection of contemporary fiction and non-fiction books as well as reference books, DVDs and online resources. Students are encouraged to take 1 book at a time but can take extra if they are keen readers. At CWLC students take part in Drop Everything And Read every day in Guidance Time for 15 minutes and they can use their LRC books for this.

The 26 networked computers in the LRC are available for school work, course work and homework. There is a filtered system which should not allow access to inappropriate material or social networking sites.

We hold our year 7 Librarians Club on Wednesday Lunchtimes and Film Club after school on Fridays.

Throughout the year the LRC will hold author visits, competitions and events to inspire students to read. Every year a group of students take an active part in the Worcestershire Teen Book Award which includes an opportunity to meet a top author. Another group shadow the Carnegie Book Award which involves the challenge of reading all 8 books on the shortlist. Year 7 Students have a chance to take part in our Student Librarian Training Scheme and they can assist us as Student Librarians.

Accelerated Reader is a reading scheme assigned to all students when they start in year 7. AR motivates students of all ages and abilities to read for pleasure. All year 7 students will do a reading test on the computer at the beginning of the year. They quickly move up the levels as they become confident and enthusiastic readers. We have competitions and incentives to encourage the students to read as much as possible.

Independent Research on Accelerated reader shows:

‘Children and young people who use AR enjoy reading more, are more likely to have a favourite book, read more frequently and a greater variety of fiction genres, and are more likely to believe that reading is cool than children and young people who do not use AR’

Findings from the National Literacy Trust’s 2012 annual literacy survey on reading enjoyment, reading behaviour outside class and reading attitudes. Christina Clark 2013.

New information on the importance of reading shows that:
By 2020 63% of all jobs will need a reading age of at least 16+
(In 2010 it was 13+)
43% of adults with poor reading and literacy skills live in poverty
BUT only 4% of adults with strong reading and literacy skills live in poverty
Students who read books frequently are FOUR times more likely to go to university.