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You can download and install Office365 which contains Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Skype for Business all for free!

To do this, first login to the Office365 website by going clicking here.

When logged in, click the “Install Office” drop down button top right.

When clicking it, click the first option “Office 365 apps”. This will then bring you to a new window and the download will pop up.

Make sure you select a folder you can find once the download has finished “By default it may select your downloads folder”. Then Click “Save”. This will now download the Office365 package installer.

When the download has finished, locate the folder you just saved it to. Find the installer and open it.

Once you open it, all applications will start to download and install automatically.


Log into Office 365 by clicking here. Then on the home page select the down arrow on install Office (on the right hand side of the screen) and select Other Install Options:

Then select Apps & devices (on the left):

The select Install Skype:

If you have already installed Office through your Office 365 account you will already have Skype for Business installed. If you don’t have Office or have an old version please remember that you can install it for free on up to five devices through your Office 365 account (this also applies to all the students).

If you need G-Suite, Email, Kerboodle or Active Learn accounts reset or created as they don’t currently exist, then please open a ticket below or if in work hours, join our Live Chat and speak to one of us.

Office 365 offers multiple methods for being able to work collaboratively with colleagues and students. In light of a possible school closure we will sending out some tutorials, and offering some training, to help you make use of some of these methods. Firstly here is a basic tutorial on using Microsoft Teams meeting functionality.

Microsoft Teams meetings (uses Skype) enables you to create a meeting for students and/or staff to join where you can share your screen and discuss it via either a chat window or via audio. For example, you may wish to share a PowerPoint with your students and then discuss its content as a class.

Do to this:

Login to Office 365 by clicking here.

Open Teams

Select Calendar on the left hand side


As a Teacher select Meet now on the right hand side and then Join now (you can also schedule a meeting)

Select the two people icon to the left of the hang up icon to bring up the Invite People window

Select the link icon to the right of the invite someone (this creates a link to email to students so that they can quickly join the meeting you have just created)

When the students have joined the meeting select the each student on the right hand side and change each student to be an attendee (stops students from being able to manage the meeting e.g. share their screen).    


Select the show conversation icon (a speech bubble) to chat to participants

To screen share your content with students select the rectangle with an up arrow

Then you can either select a recent PowerPoint, browse your OneDrive or upload from computer:

You can also mute audio or stop the camera here 

Further info:

The students will be given an option to download teams. They can ignore this and select the web version.


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