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Mandarin Intensive Learning

Year 7

November: We offer a 10 week programme for MEP parents to begin learning Chinese alongside selected MEP cohort.

January/February : Intensive learning 1 : Chinese New Year – assemblies & Intensive learning day

March: Chinese restaurant family celebration – ordering food in Mandarin and listening to a Chinese speaker.

April: visit to Chinese supermarket and China Town in Birmingham.

June : Intensive learning 2: Collaboration with Hub schools

August: Summer School – last week in August  – focus on Manhua comics and re-cap of year 7 language

Year 8

September : Year 8 students make ‘jiaozi’ as part of food topic

December : Entry into the British Council Speaking Competition – 1 individual and 1 group

January/February: Worcester Chinese Association: Celebration of Chinese New Year performances by Year 8 students

January: Chinese New Year assemblies

February: Speaking Competition finals – year 8 individual performances and group performances

Year 9

November Bubble tea making and bubble tea cultural project – aim to visit new Bubble tea place in Worcester

December: Participation in the British Council Speaking Competition: individual and Group

January: Participation in Worcester Chinese Association: Celebration of Chinese New Year and CWLC Chinese New Year assembly 

July: 2 week intensive learning trip to China (moved to year 9 from year 8

Year 10

June: Intensive learning – Media project – coordinated by UCL and completed over 3 days asynchronously and live with speakers at UCL. Culminates in an intensive learning visit and celebration of projects produced at Warwick University.

March – Students attend a National Event with other MEP schools from around the UK at the ICC in Birmingham.

Sample itinerary of the day:

Year 11

January: Mandarin students in year 11/12 speak Mandarin to welcome foreign students from China to the Mock UN Debate hosted by Engage with China Engage with China. Six students from CWLC in Year 11 and 12 took part in January 2023.

Please click here to be redirected to the “Model UN Highlights “Humanity’s Foolishness” as it seeks to find solutions” page.

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