Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team represents the student voice at school Leadership Team and Governors’ meetings, and at a range of school events.

Ellie Bullock

Ellie Bullock: Head Girl

I am currently studying A-level biology, chemistry, psychology and fashion textiles, and aspire to study Medicine or a degree with an education focus at university. I envisage myself, first and foremost, specialising as a General Practitioner or working in the field of psychiatry. Nonetheless, my other aspirations involve qualifying as a teacher of further education, primarily to support students studying biology and chemistry at higher levels.

In adopting one of six student leadership roles this year, I embrace the opportunity given and fundamentally intend to provide a valued interface between the staff and students. Additionally,  my priorities focus around ensuring that the sixth form environment is calm, comfortable and a memorable experience for what can be an extremely stressful two years. The leadership role goes beyond the sixth form, spanning the lower school of Christopher Whitehead as well, meaning my other priorities are in listening to, supporting and giving equal importance and opportunities to every student when possible. As part of the team, I will also encourage Sixth Former’s to become involved in the upper and lower school, showing initiative for the rest, building friendships and relationships and above all being an active part of the Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form community themselves.

As Head Girl, my essential objective is to work closely with both the staff and students to develop an ‘outstanding’ Sixth Form College, mirroring the lower school, and sculpt this new institution to the standards it can be.

James Croxford

James Croxford: Head Boy

In the future I hope to study a science course at university, which I hope will enable me to pursue a career in a science-related area.  The subjects that I have chosen – maths, history, biology and chemistry – will help me achieve this by giving me an insight into science and providing me with skills that I will need to be successful, including collecting and evaluating evidence as well as considering the possible outcomes of different scenarios and events.  In order to give me a rounded education, I have also taken A Level history, which I hope will help me to develop my literacy, writing and debating skills.

As Head Boy, my priority is to maintain a community spirit, that we have so far have established, as the sixth form expands in the coming years. This is because I believe this is such a key aspect into maintaining a positive aura within the sixth form. I am also keen to ensure that we find a good balance between lessons and enrichment, as sixth form should be about more than simply achieving good grades.

The Deputies

The Deputies have a range of roles and responsibilities including: ensuring students from other schools are welcomed; they take a leading role in the sixth form charities; act as role models; liaison between students and staff, and to promote the sixth form.

Shona Bridge: Deputy Head Girl

Shona Bridge

Joe Johns: Deputy Head Boy

Joe Johns

Caitlin Harrad: Deputy Head Girl


George Omerod: Deputy Head Boy

George Omerod