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News and Events

County U19 Netball Success

We won 3 and lost 3, coming 4th overall. In the top 4, 3 teams were from the Worcester City district.
We lost to Bromsgrove School (who went on to become eventual winners), with RGS 2nd, Kings 3rd and CWLC and SF 4th, the highest positioned state school, beating Malvern College, MSJ and Haybridge.

Success in this year’s competition

Elite Competition Team winners (Gina Smith, Phoebe Lines, Molly and Euan Bryan)
Gina Smith/Phoebe Lines 3rd place in individual competition

Inter 1 Competition Runners Up in team competition (Amelie Adcock, Lauren Walkeden, Millie Arnold)
Amelie Adcock 2nd place in individual competition

Beginners Team winners (Daisy Allen, Fay Owen, Abby Stones)

Worcester NHS trust gave an Impetus talk at Christopher Whitehead Language College & Sixth Form

On Wednesday 11th October, Mr. John Smith, a senior microbiologist at Worcester NHS trust gave an Impetus talk at Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form on his personal story about the ‘Ebola crisis’ and his assistance and expertise in connection to it.

Having been to, and worked in Sierra Leone, John informed us how he was helping behind the scenes with field microbiology.

Many students were keen on asking Mr. John Smith questions regarding his work in relation to biology relating to the Ebola epidemic. John was able to assist in explaining the biology behind the disease of Ebola and how it is tested for in the lab.

The Ebola virus is a severe often fatal illness with a death rate of up to 90%. Although the severe West African Ebola outbreak was now three years ago, in 2014, we still remember it today thinking about the thousands who were effected and the many helpers/aid workers who worked to fight this outbreak and stop the spread of the disease.

John shared with us today his considerable experience. Students were inspired by the work he had completed and students were enthused with regard to potential future careers in microbiology. On behalf of the students that attended the talk, we are very grateful to John for sharing his inspirational work and for helping us make connections with what we cover in class and its application it the world.

A life in the police force

Detective Superintendent Whitaker came in for a ‘careers lunch’ and discussed ‘a life in the police force’ with students from year 12 and 13. She spoke about how she started out and her progression through the ranks. We also talked about how changes in government affected police policies and recruitment, the role of criminal psychologists and opportunities for women who want both a family and career. It gave us all plenty to think about!

Leila Harding, Year 13

Women’s right to vote movement in the 20th century

On October 4th, Professor Maggie Andrews, from Worcester University, came to speak to us about “Volunteers and Voters”, an interesting talk about the women’s right to vote movement in the 20th century. I found it very informative as it was specifically about the history in Worcestershire, so made it more personal to where we live and places we know. Prof Andrews covered the topics of women’s involvement in WW1 and the important roles they played: setting up charities and fundraisers for the soldiers, and transforming their estates into hospitals to accommodate wounded soldiers for rehabilitation. Overall, this talk provided us with knowledge about Worcestershire’s history, and the role that strong, independent women carved out for themselves.

Amy Tudge, Yr13

Year 7 David Almond Trip to the Beeline Festival on Monday 9th October

We took a group of 60 year 7s to see David Almond who has written many novels for children and young people since 1998, each one receiving critical acclaim. He was very engaging and we had some amazing feedback from our students.
‘I enjoyed how he told us about his drawings in his notepad.’
‘I thought it was inspirational to pursue your dreams.’
‘I was interested in how he became a writer and how simple things helped his achieve his goal.’
‘I enjoyed listening to David Almond talking about his childhood and his passion for reading’
‘I enjoyed how the author described the imagination, for example, how something as simple as a chair was imagined before it was made.’
‘I enjoyed it when David Almond read out his books, they were interesting to listen to. Generally it was an inspirational experience.’
‘I enjoyed hearing about the bit of grass he played football on and his granddad who never spoke.’

National Poetry Day 2017

We had a great session in the LRC on Thursday 28th September to celebrate National Poetry Day.  Staff and students were invited to eat their lunch in the LRC and to bring a poem to read aloud to the group.  Some even shared poems they had penned themselves!  There was a lovely mix of funny poems and serious ones.  The session was so successful that we are hoping to make this a termly event.  Please watch this space for more news to follow.

Sixth Form taster sessions prove popular with Year 10 students

Mr Jones’ hour-long Sociology taster session was a brilliant insight into what A-level Sociology would be like. We did tasks involving power, specifically the influences of ‘powerful’ individuals in society, and the discussions that came from these activities were riveting and interesting. I am now definitely considering taking Sociology at A-level, and recommend it to anyone with an interest in people, politics and the influences facing us in the modern world. Thank you Mr Jones!
By Molly Cutler-Sevens, 10SCLG

Cardiologist Dr David Pitcher, former president of the Resuscitation Council UK, visited Christopher Whitehead Language College

A TOP cardiologist recently inspired future medics at Worcester’s Christopher Whitehead Language College. Here Year 12 pupil Lucy Stokes, reports what happened:

ON Wednesday, June 14, several aspiring medics were granted the opportunity to talk to Dr David Pitcher, former president of the Resuscitation Council UK and cardiologist.

We, the students, found Dr Pitcher inspiring due to his passion and enthusiasm for medicine, and as we too have an interest it was great to hear stories of how enjoyable the career actually is.

We discussed ideas that the Resuscitation Council (UK) is currently working on and it was fascinating to hear about future progress, that one day we might experience – and maybe even have to enforce as medics ourselves.

Dr Pitcher also reviewed how medicine has progressed over time. He even brought in modern and old pacemakers and stethoscopes to show us the physical differences as well as talking about how hospitals themselves have adapted with technology.

Being in Year 12, we were truly grateful for his advice on the medicine-based application courses at university and as it is such a competitive course, it was useful to hear what is beneficial and what we can do further than simply getting the grades.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to meet Dr Pitcher. He was really positive about us in regard to becoming future medics and could not have given greater feedback about working in medicine.

He was truly encouraging and left us even more determined to pursue our desired careers.

CWLC visit Hay on Wye Literary Fesitval

As Hay Literary Festival celebrates its 30th year, students from Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form were once again in attendance. This year, staying the whole day, the students took the opportunity to listen to even more inspirational authors, scientists and politicians than ever before.  Professor Lawrence Krauss, particle physicist from Arizona State University, spoke of ‘The greatest story ever told…so far’, and other favourites included Paddy Ashdown’s ‘Game of Spies’, Professor Kevin Laland’s ‘Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony: How culture made the human mind’, and a discussion between Norman Ohler and Rosie Goldsmith about the role of psychoactive drugs in WW2 Nazi Germany in a talk entitled ‘Blitzed’!


The festival food court was even more impressive this year, and fuelled by crab and sweetcorn ‘sloakeys’, pulled beef and chilli pizza, salted caramel ice cream and fresh local strawberries the debates and discussions continued all the way home to Worcester.

Roll on the 31st annual festival – we will be back!

Students share a vision of the future for dementia sufferers

Fortis Steps Together living memory capsule was presented to students from Christopher Whitehead students raising awareness of Dementia. Students from the school had an opportunity to share their vision of the future to promote the disease as part of Dementia Awareness week. The school, as part of its development plan for next year, will continue to focus on raising awareness of mental health charities. Students walked to the MENCAP offices on Bromwich Road to deliver the memory capsule before it continues its journey to Malvern.

Pictured: CWLC students, Mr Farmer and Paul Edwards from Fortis in front of the Memory display created to raise awareness of dementia in the Arts Block Hall.

Election 2017 Comes CWLC

On Monday 22nd May, we held a Hustings at Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form with representatives from the main parties, Robin Walker (Conservative), Joy Squires (Labour), Stephen Kearney (Liberal Democrats) and Louis Stephen (Green Party) were in attendance. They were quizzed by Year 10 students and A level politics students over key issues including: the extension of grammar schools, fairer funding for Worcester schools, the rising cost of health care and the morality of an early election. We would like to thank the representatives for coming and for bringing the election alive to the future voters of Worcester.

County Cup Final

The Christopher Whitehead Language College year 11 team won the county cup final on Tuesday 9th May, beating South Bromsgrove 3-2 after extra time.  It was 0-0 at half time and nothing much in it.  South Bromgrove then scored at the start of the second half.  CWLC responded to take the game into extra-time with Sam Clark scoring a great goal.  In extra time CWLC pushed on and looked the stronger side scoring two break away goals, one from captain Jake Cavens (Man of the Match) and another from Sam Clark, an excellent team goal.  In the final 5 minutes South Bromgrove scored again, but CWLC were not to be denied.

This is quite an achievement as they have retained the cup, having won it last year beating the same team in the final.

Journalism Presentation Review

On Tuesday 9th May, Dan Johnson – a lecturer in journalism at Worcester University and current journalist whose career spans 10 years of commentary for BBC Hereford & Worcester (some of which was featured in Match Of The Day) came to talk to some students about studying journalism at Worcester University. In an intimate seminar, Mr Johnson gave an informed and interesting presentation on the different aspects of studying journalism at Worcester University. He discussed such things as producing news broadcasts, live broadcasting which students undertake in their third year and covering events from the June General Election to the Olympics. Mr Johnson provided the students with helpful contact details, showed us the students’ mobile kit, answered questions k.wand even told us a few handy tricks such as when filming with a mobile phone, to always hold your elbows in towards you rather than out so as to keep a steady hand. The lecture was informative, educational and definitely worthwhile, more should come for Mr Johnson’s next visit. If students were unable to go but are still wanting to learn more about journalism than never forget; “Good journalists ask questions”.

Rhiannon Kirby 11BKKH

PE Lecture

As part of Christopher Whitehead’s Impetus Programme of inspirational talks; A-Level and GCSE students of PE participated in a talk from Chris Hughes (course leader in Sport and Exercise Science) from Worcester University. His talk, entitled ‘Sporting world records and how to set them’ discussed the science behind various athletic events; strength vs speed and the ‘best’ angle for take off in the high jump – to name a few! Students had a go at guessing world records and we saw the results of what can happen when things go wrong – a tibia and fibia breaking through the skin! Mr Cosh (Head of PE at CWLC) said that the talk offered some valuable material relating to the new PE syllabus, and helped students to understand biomechanics. A Level student Will Hodgkiss said he found the talk really helpful for his exam revision.

Drama Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, a group of students interested in drama were given the chance to talk with Alison Reeves, Course Leader for Drama and Performing at the University of Worcester. We took part in a workshop where we discussed the work of Uta Hagen who had updated Stanislavski’s fundamentals of acting. As well as this each of us were also given the chance to perform and interpret short monologues, working in small groups which gave us the rare opportunity to work with students from across the year groups, including the sixth form. We were also able to ask an alumni of the university about the drama course and all of our questions were answered accordingly. The workshop proved both useful and enjoyable for myself and the other students who took part. Looking forward to the next one!

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