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Christopher Whitehead Sixth Form Curriculum Model and contextual information

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A-level results, summer 2017

The results for the first cohort of students to complete A-level examinations at Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form are as follows:

Students in cohort = 47

A*-E pass rate = 99%

A*-B grades by entry = 48%

A*-C grades by entry = 71%

Average point score/ Entry = 32.99

Sixth form curriculum model

Students starting sixth form in September 2016 and completing A-Level courses in summer 2018: 

Whilst students have the opportunity to study four subjects in year 12, the majority of students study three full A-level courses with the opportunity to complement their courses with an Extended Project Qualification.

Students who excel in Mathematics may choose to take Further Mathematics at AS-level over two years.

AS-level examinations were sat by students studying ‘legacy’ courses (those yet to be decoupled): Mathematics and Politics.

Students could choose to sit AS-level examinations in other subjects if they felt that doing so would be beneficial to them, or if they intended to drop a 4th subject at the end of year 12.