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Our Ethos

We aim to pursue excellence in all we do

This is a school where we believe all students will be supported to find an area to excel in and students are encouraged to develop to be the best they can be in all the areas of school life: academically, socially and personally.

 We believe that every member of our community has a job to do to ensure that we are happy, safe and successful.

We ask that students take responsibility for their education and work as hard as they are able; and that staff do all they can to help students achieve the highest standards possible in all aspects of their education, well-being and development.

We actively promote the idea that everyone is capable of growth and progress; we aim to help students develop resilience against set-backs, and we foster the belief in reaching potential through perseverance, tenacity and practice.

We are an inclusive school that gives an equal voice to all, in a context of tolerance, consideration and cooperation.

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