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Parents' Evening at CWLC

Parents’ Evening Documents

Year 7 Parents' Evening

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Protocol for Virtual Parents' Evenings

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Video Appointments Guide

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Booking Appointments Guide

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Parents’ Evening Information

All parents’ evenings are managed and administered via an online booking platform. This system allows parents to choose and book their own appointments, subject to availability, at times which are convenient to them throughout the evening. The system also provides a video appointment facility. For the foreseeable future and for the safety of all concerned, parents’ evenings at CWLC will be held online, with staff, parents and students meeting via remote video appointment.

In chronological order, the dates for all the parents’ evenings of the 2021-22 academic year are as follows:

Year  11            Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Year  13            Wednesday 8th December 2021

Year  9              Wednesday 19nd January 2022

Year  8              Wednesday 9th February 2022  

Year  12            Wednesday 9th March 2022  

Year  10            Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Year  7               Wednesday 4th May 2022

Please note the following important information:

Prior to each evening, the online system will be opened to parents for booking of appointments during a window of one week. This window will be specified on both a hardcopy and emailed version of the invitation letter that will be sent to the parents/carers of all students of the relevant year group, in advance of the evening. Invitation letters will also be made available on the school website.

For the parents evening process to function smoothly, it is imperative that the school has been provided with an accurate, current email address for the primary parent/carer contact of each student.

Two short guides on using the online booking system to make appointments and how to attend appointments over video call are available to download. CWLC has also produced a protocol document in which we ask parents to read before the evening and adhere to during video appointments.

SchoolCloud is a website platform and thus can be accessed from all iPhone and Android phones, iPads and tablets, as well as laptops and desktop devices.

Each video call can now involve up to 2 parents/guardians. After one of the parents has made the bookings, they will need to click the ‘Invite Parent/Guardian’ button, then enter the email address of the parent/guardian to send an invite that grants access to the call. The additional parent then clicks the link in the email to join the appointments. Full details of how this works are explained in the ‘Video Appointments Guide’.

Staff will do their best to see as many parents/carers as they can but as you can appreciate some staff may not be able to see everyone who requests an appointment. The new system does have a waiting list, so if a slot becomes available you may be added closer to the evening to see that teacher.

Consultation slots are 5 minutes to enable staff to speak to as many parents as possible.  We require parents and staff to limit discussions to the allocated time to ensure that other parents’ appointments are not compromised. Using the new video call system, the 5-minute slot will be automatically in place so calls will end at this point. Timers can be seen on your screen, so you are able to communicate your messages to staff during the allocated time. If you have a concern that requires a lengthier conversation or were unable to speak to a particular teacher, we request that you contact the relevant member of staff at a separate time.

If you are unable to attend the evening, or having problems booking appointments, then please contact your son/daughter’s Director of Studies.


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