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Annemarie Kelly

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Members of the department

Richard Hall

About Our Subject

Politics is a living course which evolves on a daily basis. It is a subject which helps you understand your rights and clarifies your beliefs. It helps you understand the history of the nation which you live in and equips you with the skills for adult life. It is about honing transferable skills; debate, reading for meaning and speaking confidently. Ultimately, it is about everything for your daily life is touched by politics whether you want it to or not.

Politics revision:




Every Wednesday lunch-time in S208 – run by students for students

Edexcel Politics

Studied in Year 12:

Unit 1
• Democracy and Participation
• Political parties
• Electoral systems
• Voting behaviour and the Media
• Core Political ideas
Unit 2
• The Constitution
• Parliament
• Prime Minister and Executive
• Relationships between Institutions
• Anarchism

Studied in year 13:

Unit 3
• US Constitution and Federalism
• Congress
• US Presidency
• Supreme Court and Civil Rights
• Democracy and Participation
• Comparative approaches