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Welcome to Religious Studies


Mrs G Coley

Head of Religious Studies
Teacher of Religious Studies and Values and Ethics

Miss A Palmer

Director of Studies Pankhurst House Teacher of Religious Studies and Values and Ethics

Miss B Woods

Teacher of Religious Studies and Values and Ethics

Mrs L Poyser

Teacher of Religious Studies and Values and Ethics
About Our Subject

We are a dynamic core department made up of five friendly, enthusiastic and committed subject specialists who work hard and get good results.
Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics at Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form is a mandatory subject that seeks to encourage students to develop their knowledge and understanding of different religious and non-religious beliefs and reflect on their own personal values. The content is concerned with people’s beliefs, their religious practices, and what beliefs mean for people’s way of living and behaviour. We encourage students to think things through for themselves, discover their own opinions and be able to communicate effectively. We want students to leave lessons wanting to know more, their heads full of questions and excited about their next lesson.

At KS3 we follow the Worcestershire and Herefordshire agreed syllabus.
In year 7 we study: What does it mean to have a belief? What is so radical about Jesus? Should religious buildings be sold to feed the starving?
In Year 8 we study: How can people express the spiritual through the arts?
Is death the end? Does it matter? Does religion help people to be good?
In year 9 we study: Do we need to prove God’s existence?
Is religion a power for peace or a cause of conflict? Should happiness be the purpose of life? Each topic looks at a range of religious perspectives from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism.

At GCSE students can choose Religious Studies as an option.
Our GCSE course is the AQA Specification A. We study the beliefs and practices from Christianity and Islam. We then continue to look at four topical themes; Religion and Life, The existence of God and Revelation, Religion, crime and punishment, and Religion, human rights and social justice. Within these themes we engage in debate on religious and secular views.
In addition to the GCSE, statutory RS is delivered in Values and Ethics. Students in both year 10 and year 11 will complete a Religious Studies programme of study.

We follow the OCR Religious Studies A level course. Our three components are:
Developments of Christian Thought
Philosophy of religion
Religion and ethics
All three components are assessed at the end of the course. This is a very academic A level that encourages students to be open minded and discover a range of possible answers to theological, philosophical and ethical questions.


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