RHINOs and PANDAs at Christopher Whitehead

Through experience, analysis and discussion, we have identified two key types of student at CWLC that we should perhaps be focusing our attention on, in class and pastorally. These are our RHINOs and our PANDAs.

Whilst we recognise that every student is an individual and has their own unique set of abilities and needs, by grouping students into these two familiar categories, we might be able to share strategies and approaches that will help them to overcome their barriers to learning. It might also be that, in doing this, we can pinpoint strategies that could also work with students who show similar traits but in different ways.

Who are your RHINOs and PANDAs?

Thinking of particular students and then seeing how far they fit the profiles can help in deciding on strategies to use and share.

Rhino list Rhino
Panda list Panda

Strategies for PANDAs and RHINOs

Staff wishing to trial any of these strategies could choose any of the coloured boxes and trial ONE idea for ONE group or ONE student, for ONE term.

After one term, what worked? What didn’t? Why? What can be shared?

GREEN boxes are growth mindset strategies;

LILAC is marking & feedback;

BLUE is for Learning Ambassadors.

Rhino and Panda strategies

Refer to the T&L Hub for more information on Learning Ambassadors, metacognition, growth mindset and marking & feedback.