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I chose Maths a level as I have always had a passion for this subject. I’ve enjoyed learning all of the pure content especially differentiation, integration as well as the binomial expansion. I think it can be difficult subject but from my experience it’s taught with real expertise and passion, which helps no end. This is because the fundamentals of the course heavily build on your y11 knowledge. I’ve also always had support when I’ve asked for it so overall I think that if you achieve good grades at GCSE and are prepared to work hard, Maths A-level at our sixth form is the perfect choice.


A Mathematics A level is one of the most highly sought-after qualifications and is a very popular choice among sixth form students. There is a good reason for this. Not only do students enjoy the challenge that the maths presents but they relish the opportunity to utilise and develop the skills gained in their GCSE studies. They recognise the enormous satisfaction to be obtained from solving challenging problems and gain much fulfilment and enjoyment in the discovery of underlying mathematical patterns and connections.  

As a STEM subject, of course, mathematics also connects very well with and complements many other A level subjects and, in some instances, there is a direct overlap in the contents such as with forces, studied in physics and statistical testing which features in A-level Psychology. In addition, it is important to have strong maths skills for progression to many university courses. A level Mathematics is essential or desirable for a wide range of degree courses including economics, computing, social sciences and business. 

According to research, students with an A level in Mathematics are more likely to attend a Russell Group university.

To have an A level in mathematics puts you at a distinct advantage in the workplace and the analytical and problem-solving skills that you have acquired will be an asset to you throughout your life. It is believed that those with an A level in Mathematics earn, on average, approximately £6000 per annum more than those who don’t. Why wouldn’t you want to study A level maths?


We have small groups enabling us to provide more bespoke support and we strive to help you to achieve the best results you can. We have a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of teachers who collaborate to develop engaging and effective teaching resources. As a consequence, our students get great results.  

We run weekly tutorials and we provide excellent on-line resources to aid progress, and regular assessments and follow-up interventions are in place if required.  

We offer stretch and challenge problem solving classes in conjunction with Worcester University and the MEI. We know that universities value the super-curricular in their search for the best students and so we offer opportunities including the RITANGLE competition UKMT senior Individual and Team Challenges with the potential to take part in the Kangaroo Challenge. To help you further understand how best you learn and explain these processes, there are opportunities to work with younger, lower school students with their mathematical studies.


Students who have studied mathematics at A level at CWLC have gone on to pursue many different degree courses and careers including: 

  • Maths BSc and Masters at Lancaster. 
  • Biomedical Sciences at Exeter, Bath and Birmingham. 
  • Dentistry at Cardiff 
  • Mechatronics at Imperial College, London 
  • Aerospace Engineering at Swansea. 
  • Medicine at Liverpool, Aston and Birmingham. 
  • Pharmacy at Aston. 
  • Physics at Bath and Birmingham 
  • Veterinary Medicine at Nottingham 
  • Apprenticeships in Accountancy, Finance and Project Management.

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