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I am passionate about music and I would love to have a career in the music industry. I felt by taking the Music BTEC at CWLC I would have the right resources and teaching to take the first steps in realising my ambitions. One of the reasons I took music at CWLC was because of the two music teachers in the department. I feel it’s important to have a good relationship with your teachers and that’s exactly the kind of professional relationship I have with them both. They clearly show a passion for the subject and care about every student’s progress, which becomes even more important at sixth form. I have learnt so much even just the first few months of the course: my sight-reading and instrumental abilities have improved massively. I feel very much at home in the music department at CWLC and would recommend this course to anyone with a real love of and interest in music.


A BTEC in Music is a great choice for learners looking for a practical and creative qualification. The course aims to provide learners with the relevant skills and knowledge that employers value, as well as the confidence to progress into a fulfilling, exciting career in a creative industry.  

Music Performance Live performance in front of an audience is an important part of the music industry that has become a growth area with an increasing use of technology. Musicians rarely work in isolation and the ability to perform as part of an ensemble is an essential skill for any musician, regardless of style. Whether you are part of a pop group or a large symphony orchestra, the skills of teamwork and communication are vital. 

Session Styles – Working as a session musician is one of the most exciting and varied careers available to musicians today. From one-off studio sessions with producers to world tours, skilled session musicians are the backbone of the music industry. You will explore a range of genres and styles, investigating their scales, tonality, rhythms, riffs and groove. It will give you greater insight into the skills and knowledge needed to be a working session musician. In doing this, you will develop your own musical skills as well as the skills of collaboration for performance in different settings, such as the recording studio and the stage.  

Music Theory – Music theory and harmony relates to all forms of music. It is about how the music we make and listen to is constructed and how it works. You will develop your knowledge and understanding of fundamental musical theory and how it’s applied in practical musical activities. You will develop and apply theoretical knowledge in a relevant, useful and meaningful way.  

Music Technology – The digital audio workstation (DAW) has become the primary tool of much of contemporary modern music. You will explore how the features of a DAW can be used to create and develop your own music. You will understand some of the background principals of how a DAW works, along with the associated specialist and technical terms.


Spring 2023 will see the unveiling of the state-of-the art Music facilities that form part of a major investment into the Performing Arts at CWLC Sixth Form. Our highly-skilled music teachers will be able to support you in a fantastic learning and working environment that will consist of: 

  • Two large teaching rooms 
  • Four rehearsal spaces 
  • A sound-proofed and professional-standard recording studio 
  • Logic Pro technical set-up
  • Digital audio workstations and mixing desks. 

Music students at CWLC sixth form are given the opportunity to perform on a regular basis whether in their own bands and ensembles or solo at our frequent performance and showcase nights. Our students regularly take part in local festivals and music nights, from Severn Sounds, Mello Festival or Jam Night at the Marrs Bar. 


This qualification will prepare you for a variety of careers in the music and media industries. You could continue to college/university and complete a degree with honours (BTEC Higher Nationals Level 4 & 5), access any apprenticeship opportunities in the performing arts sector or directly apply for jobs to work in the music industry.

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