Sixth Form Staff Directory

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Key Contacts

General Enquiries Tel: 01905 423906 Ext 299
Ms L. Bytheway Sixth Form Administrator Tel: 01905 423906 Ext 299
Mr M. Mobberley Head of Sixth Form, History Tel: 01905 423906 Ext 233
Mrs B. Morgan Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Biology Tel: 01905 423906 Ext 253
Mrs J. Cuerden Learning Coordinator Tel: 01905 423906 Ext 333



Mrs C. Arif Photography
Mrs A. Arnold Dance
Mrs K. Ash Art
Mrs K.Barham English
Miss J. Baum English, Drama
Mrs E. Beasley Graphic Products, Textiles
Mr S. Beasley Drama, Classics
Mrs A. Benjamin Personal Tutor, Computer Science, V&E
Mr J. Bishop English
Miss L. Brown Dance
Mr S. Callaghan Business Studies, Classics
Mrs C. Clark Maths
Miss H. Coles Spanish
Mrs G. Coley Religious Studies, V&E
Mr J. Cosh Physical Education
Mrs D. Cross Personal Tutor, Religious Studies, V&E
Ms K. Cunningham English
Mrs S. De Abreu Personal Tutor
Ms M. Dufty English
Mrs R. Garcia Spanish
Mr M. Goffe French
Mr R. Hall Personal Tutor, History and Politics
Mr L. Helme Physical Education
Mrs L. Hood Geography
Miss E. Hubbard Textiles
Mr L. Humphries Physics
Mrs A. Hunt Business Studies
Mr D. Hunt Chemistry
Dr K. Hussein Biology
Mrs S. Hyett Maths/Further Maths
Mr B. Jones Personal Tutor, Psychology, Sociology
Mr D. Jones Personal Tutor
Mrs T. Jones Art, Photography
Miss A. Kelly Politics, History
Mr D. Kent Drama
Miss A. Lyon French
Mrs S. MacDonald Geography, V&E
Mrs F. Mack Personal Tutor
Ms P. Melville Personal Tutor, V&E
Mr M. Mobberley Head of Sixth Form, History
Mrs B. Morgan Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Biology
Mr A. Morrison English
Mrs E. Moyes Maths
Miss A. Palmer Religious Studies
Mrs J. Parr German
Mr D. Parsonage Resit Maths
Mrs D. Plaskitt Hair
Mr A. Prosser English
Mrs P. Pugh Physical Education
Mr S. Reid Maths/Further Maths
Mr A. Samuel Personal Tutor, Physics, V&E
Mrs D. Serafini Chemistry
Mrs R. Southall Graphic Products
Mr C. Stansbury Personal Tutor
Mrs L. Stephens Personal Tutor, Psychology and Sociology
Ms R. Stevens English
Mr D. Stokes Physical Education
Mr M. Syner German
Mr C. Taylor Computer Science
Mr M. Wickham Geography
Miss R. Woods Religious Studies
Mrs T. Yarnold Maths