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Welcome to Sociology


Mrs L Stephens

Subject Leader for Sociology
Teacher of Psychology

Mrs K Bannister

Subject Leader for Criminology
Teacher of Psychology
Teacher of Sociology
About Our Subject

Sociology is the study of social structures, institutions and the lives of the individuals that live within them. It reaches from theories about the origin, nature and function of society through to studies of social organisations and institutions such as religion, education, health, law, economics, media and cultural identity. The purpose of sociology is to understand the way that individuals are influenced by their social surroundings and how individuals may influence the world around them, in the hope that society will benefit from our analysis. Discussions can range from theoretical debates about the nature of sociology as a science through to practical applications of research methods to investigate hypotheses about the lives of different social groups.

At the heart of Sociology are three questions:

  • What is happening in society?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What can be done about it?

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