Health and Social Care

Subject leader KS4

Mrs K Hughes

Subject leader KS5

Mrs J. Welfoot

Members of the department

Mrs S Helme

About Our Subject

Health and social care has established itself as a successful subject and the number of students opting for its has grown year on year. We currently have 1 groups running alongside each other in year 9 and 1 group in year 10 and 11. All groups are mixed ability and mixed gender who bring together a unique range of experiences and knowledge to the lesson. Due to the increase in number of students wanting to continue in health and social care in further education we are introducing it at level 3 in our sixth form from September 2020. As a vocational subject we are passionate that students get as much contact with professionals and service users from the health, social care and early years settings as possible in order to gain valuable experience and learn best practice.
As health , social care and early years continues to be headlines in our every changing society (locally, nationally and globally) and its workers shown to be invaluable members of society, it offers a good starting point for great job opportunities, life skills, and a chance to give something back to the community.

OCR Cambridge National Health and Social Care Level 1 / 2

Year 9- R031- Using basic first aid procedures

Year 9- introductory unit to include; how to; research, choosing relevant sources , referencing sources, writing assignments and giving a presentation

Year 10- R021- Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings

Year 10- R022- Communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years settings

Year 11- R029- Understanding the nutrients needed for good health

Year 11- R023- Understanding body system disorders

Please note that students have to submit four units in total, two core units which are done in year 10 of which R021 is externally examined and two optional units which are assessed through course work.