Subject Leader

Mr A.Davies.


Members of the department

Miss H.Connan –

About Our Subject

As teachers we like to encourage as much practical activity in lessons as possible and in turn give the students a platform to perform. Our slogan in the music department is ‘Practice Makes the Performance’. There are three music concerts a year and we also have a carol concert during the festive period at Worcester Cathedral. We also take part in the annual Sing UK projects and have been lucky enough to be performing at the Albert Hall. All year groups can contribute towards these shows and are encouraged to take part as much as possible. Students are also encouraged to perform at school assemblies, open evenings and lunch-time events. Throughout the week we offer many different opportunities for the students to use our facilities during lunchtimes. The students can use this allocated time to rehearse or attend one of the following extracurricular activities:
Singing and strings – A mixture of string instruments (ukulele, bass, and guitar) with a clear focus to develop the love to sing.
Strings – A classical mixture of cello, violin and viola (classical pieces explored in ensemble scenarios.
Rock Orchestra – A project that encourages the love to rock. Very heavy, dark and melodic.
CWLC Orchestra – All instruments are welcome and all levels of musical ability will be catered for.

Music Yr 7 & 8 AWL

We explore many topics in music such as in year 7: music theory, structure and form, film music, African drumming and much more. Y8: Rock and Pop, Reggae, Musical Theatre and the Blues. Y9: Popular song structure, working as musical ensembles and the fusion of different genres of music. All lessons encourage students to improve their performing, composing and appraisal skills. We like all students to bring their own instruments to class (if they have instrumental lessons or you might have an instrument hiding in your attic) and attend one of our music clubs. All classroom practical work is adapted from official music boards (initial stage, preliminary stage, grade 1 to 8). All topics covered in key stage 3 prepare the students for the options available in key stage 4 (BTEC level 2 or GCSE music).
All students that take part in the extracurricular activities/lunchtime rehearsals will have the opportunity to feature in our annual music showcases and concerts. We will be looking at many different genres of music and students can work in large ensembles, smaller groups and as soloists

At Key Stage 4 the department offers both the GCSE and the BTEC First in music both of these courses offer their own distinct challenges and encourage the students to think about performance and composing. The BTEC is a work based continuously assessed course. Students can choose whether they wish to play as part of a musical ensemble or as a solo performer. Throughout the year the students must put on their own showcases and are responsible for all the elements of production.
Topics and Units of Work: Managing and Promoting a Music Product
Introducing Music Performance
Introducing Composition Working in the Music Industry
The GCSE encourages the students to work more on creating their own original material while learning more about the theory of music. They are tested on their listening skills and their ability to complete various coursework tasks that are marked throughout the two years.
Topics and Units of Work:
Rhythm and Metre Timbre and Dynamics Texture and Melody Harmony and Tonality Structure and Form.