Subject Leader

Mrs L.Stephens.


Members of the department

Mrs D.Cross

About Our Subject

Sociology is the study of social structures, institutions and the lives of the individuals that live within them. It reaches from theories about the origin, nature and function of society through to studies of social organisations and institutions such as religion, education, health, law, economics, media and cultural identity. The purpose of sociology is to understand the way that individuals are influenced by their social surroundings and how individuals may influence the world around them, in the hope that society will benefit from our analysis. Discussions can range from theoretical debates about the nature of sociology as a science through to practical applications of research methods to investigate hypotheses about the lives of different social groups.

We follow the AQA A level exam specification, which is taught over a two year period.  The key focus of the course is to understand the role of social structures and the individual in the construction of social identities, power relations and stratification in contemporary UK society.    Years 1 and 2 both contain theory and methods modules that outline the theoretical and practical basis of further discussion.  The knowledge gained from these parts of the course are then applied to more focussed topics on education, family and households, crime and deviance and religion.  These modules tie theoretical explanations of such debates as the causes of crime, the nature of the family and the role of education with statistical evidence and up-to-date research.  Course material will be delivered in class but will involve a large amount of independent study.  Students will be given three two hour exams at the end of their second year to determine their grade.