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Year 11 Subject Pages – exam information and useful contacts

 Subject Pages

Click below for a short ‘How to Revise’ video by BBC Newsbeat [links to www.youtube.com][su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDKQxi0_Ogc”]

2015 GCSEs: Subject information and revision support


 Applied Art / Make up Time Sheet

 Art Exam Time Sheet

 Photography Time Sheet


PDF icon Key words for GCSE Dance

PDF icon 2012 Dance GCSE past paper

PDF icon 2012 Dance GCSE mark scheme

PDF icon 2013 Dance GCSE past paper

PDF icon 2013 Dance GCSE mark scheme

PDF icon 2014 Dance GCSE past paper

PDF icon 2014 Dance GCSE mark scheme

PDF icon New Nutcracker 2013

PDF icon Nutcracker exam 2013

PDF icon Questions on ‘Still Life’

PDF icon Table cards for dance

PDF icon Writing to Explain for Dance PP


 GCSE Drama

 GCSE Live Theatre

 GCSE Section A

 Character Development Worksheet

 Drama Exam Paper

 Writing Paper


 GCSE Revision Booklet (iGCSE English Language)

 Year 11 Handout (Parents Evening)

AQA iGCSE English Language

PDF icon Paper 1 Language – READING: How to infer

PDF icon Paper 1 Language – READING Q1 practice

PDF icon Paper 1 Language – WRITING: Writing engaging sentence starters

AQA English Literature

PDF icon ‘Nandos’ menu of Literature revision (Sets 1-4)

PDF icon ‘Nandos’ menu of Literature revision (Set 5)

Anthology poetry – Conflict (GCSE Literature)

BBC Bitesize revision for Conflict poetry (link to BBC website)

Lord of the Flies (GCSE Literature)

PDF icon Lord of the Flies general revision guide

PDF icon Lord of the Flies Themes Motifs and Symbols

BBC Bitesize revision for Lord of the Flies (link to BBC website)

Of Mice and Men (GCSE Literature)

PDF icon An overview: plot, characters, themes

PDF icon Theme of light and dark in OM&M

PDF icon Past exam response that scored full marks

BBC Bitesize revision for OM&M (link to BBC website)

BBC Bitesize videos about context for OM&M (link to BBC website)


PDF icon Geography revision sessions – dates and content

Religious Education

WJEC Board