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Teacher Well-being

Becoming a happier teacher

Further to our lead article in T&L Newsletter 3 , here are some links about work/life balance and well-being that you may find useful and interesting:
Another one from Andy Tharby: Planning for next year – subtract three and add three
Top Ten tips on how teachers can improve their work-life balance from The Guardian Teachers’ network.

Teaching Tips from CWLC colleagues

 Revision Tips from Paul Gibson and Martin Goffe (PowerPoint Presentation)
 Marking for Literacy from Jodie Jordan and Rachael Stevens (PPP)
 Random letter selector from Dot Serafini. Press 1 to stop letter, then choose a student to give keyword and put in a sentence. If student cannot think of a keyword then they can ask for help but still must put the keyword given in a sentence. Press the space bar to start it again. Great for literacy in any subject.

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