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Uniform and PE Kit


We wish to make clear to all our students (and parents) that the following list of uniform items is intended to be exactly that – uniform.  It does not include fashion or designer items, which are not acceptable.

Blazers Specialist Item – D Luke Premium Navy Blue Boy’s or Girl’s Blazer
Trousers Black or dark charcoal grey conventional school type trousers are standard uniform for all students. Jeans, jogging bottoms, cargo trousers, leggings or other skin tight trousers in whatever colour or material are not permitted.
Skirt Girls may choose to wear a skirt instead of trousers. Plain black and should be no less than 20” in length. (Smaller waist skirt may be shorter).
Shirts (Boys) White. These should be of conventional style with either short or long sleeves and should be worn tucked in.
Blouses (Girls) The uniform for girls in all years is a white open neck blouse with revere collar. Short or long sleeved.
Jumper Plain nave blue V neck jumper may be worn under a blazer but not instead of a blazer.
House Pins (Girls) Specialist Item – A house colour pin badge must be worn with the school blouse.
Ties (Boys) Specialist Item – School tie, clip-on, with stripe colour according to which House the student is in.
Socks  Dark grey or black for boys. Navy, black or white for girls.
Shoes  Black traditional/conventional ‘school’ style. Canvas shoes are not allowed.
Outdoor coats  Coats should be appropriate for the time of year, no leather jackets are allowed. Tracksuit type tops or hoodies are also not acceptable items of school wear.
Scarves  Plain navy blue or black. Football and fashion scarves are not allowed.
Jewellery  Students may wear ONE plain stud in each ear. No other jewellery (including coloured necklaces, bracelets or stretchers) may be worn. No piercings other than ear piercings are allowed. Students will be asked to remove incorrect jewellery.
Hairstyles  Hairstyles should be appropriate for studying in school, without extremes of style, cut or colour. Styles where lines or shapes are cut into the hair, or where parts of the head are shaved, are not acceptable. Hair which has been dyed or streaked with unnatural colours (where there are two or more distinct colours that form an obvious contrast) is not permitted. Long hair worn by boys or girls needs to be tied back in all practical lessons.
Make-up No make-up will be allowed for any student in Years 7, 8 or 9. Discreet make-up will be allowed for girls in Years 10 and 11. Nail varnish and/or false nails are not allowed.


PE Kit

All students in year 7-11


  • Plain white polo shirt for lessons. We recommend the polo shirt with school badge available from Schooltogs or Iskitz.


  • Plain navy shadow stripe shorts for both indoor and outdoor wear. (Girls may choose navy blue skorts in place of shorts).


  • Navy and light blue sports socks (long) for all lessons. Available from Schooltogs or Iskitz.


  • New Navy reversible rugby shirt with sky blue stripes. Only available from Iskitz. This shirt will be worn outdoors by the boys in years 7-9.


  • Navy CWLC branded sweatshirts are the new ‘outer’ layer for girls or boys. These are available from Iskitz.


During winter activities, when staff deem appropriate, students may also wear CWLC branded navy tracksuit bottoms. These will be available from Iskitz.



  • Training shoes (not canvas, see website for further guidance) – for indoor, hard-court, astroturf and summer activities on the field.


  • Studded boots are required for rugby lessons, rugby matches and football matches on the school field. Please note that safety studs are required. Football lessons will be held on the astroturf so trainers will be required for these lessons


Shin pads are required for football and hockey lessons.


Gum shields are compulsory for rugby and recommended for hockey lessons.


Navy CWLC branded base Layers are available, as an optional item, and can be ordered from Iskitz,  www.playerlayer.com or  www.academyshop.co.uk



Our specialist school items are available only from:

31 New Street
Worcester WR1 2DP
Telephone 01905 28658
Website: http://www.schooltogs.com/


Kidzandkitz, Link Business Centre, Link Way, Malvern. Tel: 01684 892439

For a direct link please CLICK HERE 

Standard items may also be purchased there, or from any other suitable supplier.

Students can go to the PE office and try on sample sizes.