By 2018, Christopher Whitehead will have advanced from a school with an outstanding 11-16 reputation to become the leader of post-16 education in the City of Worcester.  This will be achieved through excellent teaching brought about by a commitment to the professional development of our staff.  Our students’ aspirations and achievements are at the core of all that we do.  Our students will be highly successful:  they will progress and achieve their goals; they will develop independent learning strategies; and they will exhibit a positive ‘can do’ attitude to support and enhance both their career and social development.

Enjoyment of learning by all in a safe, happy environment remains our aim.   The school will continue to be outward looking, innovative and developmental, embracing a broad global view, underpinned by the best of new technologies.  A balanced curriculum continues to be our key to success and, no matter the ‘whims’ of political decisions, our aim is to maintain a broad and enriching curriculum that retains the arts and technology, in addition to the core subjects, to serve the needs of all our students.

In 2018, Christopher Whitehead will continue to be a school where all are happy, healthy and safe to attend and learn.  The promotion of respect, kindness and tolerance will continue to be at the core of our daily work.  We will remember and learn from our successful past, but will be dynamic and forward looking with a clear sense of where we all are, and where we need to be in order to meet the demands of the next decade.

At Christopher Whitehead, we truly believe that all people have limitless potential and that excellent education has the power to change lives for the better!  We will provide courses, experiences and qualifications for all, to equip them with skills for life and the qualities to thrive in this ever changing world.  Our mantra ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ is our daily standard.

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