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Vision Statement and Values

Vision Statement and Values


Our vision is the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

We believe this means being ambitious in setting achievable goals that can be met by both staff and students.

Our aim to provide our young people with the right academic qualifications and inter-personal skills they need to succeed on their chosen path. We do this by ensuring students have a voice that is heard and listened to; that students can access a dynamic, challenging and broad curriculum that can be tailored to all ability levels; that extra-curricular opportunities exist and are offered to all and that these activities are delivered in a safe, secure and caring environment.

Our six values were voted for by students and staff; they represent and underpin the ways we want to live and share our lives at Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form.







Students accept others for who they are even when they don’t necessarily agree with them. We reward this when we see students being respectful especially to their peers: listening, considering, etc. This could be in a group activity in a subject activity, especially when exploring contentious issues; it could be in their behaviour towards a visitor.

Students show inclusivity in not leaving anyone out in group activities; they also demonstrate inclusivity in their ideas and opinions about other groups of people and their differing abilities, sexual orientation, beliefs, age or race, etc. This can be seen in a range of situations in subject classes and Guidance Times.

Students demonstrate the ability to use their imagination and/or original ideas in one or more of a range of possible activities where they can express themselves.

This covers telling the truth when it would be an alternative to lie, e.g. when dealing with a problematic situation; or it could be handing in lost property; or giving honest feedback sensitively even if it is difficult.

Students show the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. This might be in their response to a stimulus in class (Art, English Literature, PHSE, etc.) or when helping another student with advice, guidance or support.

Students demonstrate the ability to face difficulties head-on without giving up or using unhealthy coping strategies. This could be academically, trying very hard to solve a problem or complete a difficult piece of work or project; it could also be physically, in a practical lesson or extra-curricular (e.g. Duke of Edinburgh)

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