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The first term is a transition period. The standards that you will need to meet in order to successfully complete this period are:

  • We expect you to aim for full attendance, however you are required to maintain at least 95% attendance to all lessons.
  • Adhere to Sixth Form Dress Code and Code of Conduct.
  • Wear your lanyard at all times for safeguarding reasons.
  • Complete all set homework to the required standard.
  • Ensure that you meet all deadlines and test requirements set out by your subject teachers, including homework which should be completed to the required standard.
  • Use your study time effectively at all times when in the Sixth Form Centre.

If you are struggling or have a concern, speak to one of the sixth form pastoral team.  This will be your learning mentor in the first instance, and if necessary the Head of Sixth Form.

There will be a sixth form settling in evening early in the first term, this will mark the last point at which you will be able to make any minor changes to your subject combinations.

Your individual subjects will also provide you with a list of transition standards that you will be expected to meet in their subject.

Meeting these standards is important. If you do not meet them then you will have discussions with your subject teachers and a meeting with the Head of Sixth Form. In this meeting you will be able to discuss any problems that you are having and strategies will be put in place to support you. For example; if you are struggling to complete homework then you will be supervised during your study periods in order to give you the help that you need.

Performance against these standards will be communicated to your parents/carers in the autumn term reports.

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