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Sixth Form Pastoral and Subject Tutorials

Pastoral and Subject Tutorials

At Christopher Whitehead Sixth Form, students are supported academically and pastorally by a dedicated team of Personal Tutors.  In addition to responding to individual student needs, the sixth form Personal Tutors follow a mentoring programme designed to support students at key points throughout the year.

Each of the ten Personal Tutors has pastoral responsibility for approximately twenty students, ten year 12 students and ten year 13 students.  Every student has two compulsory tutor periods per week as follows:

  • Tutor session one (One agreed day between Monday and Thursday): Small groups of five students from the same year group.  During small group tutor sessions, students benefit from mentoring conversations, individual target setting and action planning, transition and organisation support at the start of year 12 and UCAS advice at the end of year 12 and into year 13.
  • Tutor session two (Friday): Whole tutor group meeting including twenty mixed year 12 and 13 students. During full tutor group sessions, students benefit from interaction with peers in both years, with tutor groups being assembled along subject lines, a weekly information bulletin and news quiz.

In total, therefore, students have one hour of quality time per week with their Personal Tutor, developing a positive, respectful working relationship which helps to ensure that every student is supported to enjoy and achieve during their sixth form years.

Subject Tutorials:

In addition to timetabled lessons, students at Christopher Whitehead Sixth Form have the opportunity to attend Subject Tutorials with their subject teachers, offering individualised support for those who require guidance or those looking to push themselves to the next level.

Sixth Form Learning Coordinator:

Our dedicated Sixth Form Learning Coordinator works in collaboration with subject staff and Personal Tutors to ensure that all students make academic progress, communicating regularly with the Head of Sixth Form and SENCO to meet the needs of all students.  Selected students will follow a Progression Programme, designed to address identified development points across subjects.

Selected students will follow a Progression Programme, designed to address identified development points across subjects.

Study periods and Study+:

All students have an allocation of supervised study periods to allow them to undertake independent work in suitable conditions.  Students who are identified as requiring additional supervised study with greater guidance will be entered into the Study+ programme.  Study+ provides students with more contact study hours, supervised by senior staff, and supported with an individual learning plan set by subject teachers for further guidance.

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